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  • The Ancient Speaker
    Subject is Mr Trump. Mr Trump is exactly right on Syria. It is Mr Putin's problem, he's the one that should been handling this situation from the beginning. "the so called Arab Spring of 2011", Mr Obama has done a fairly good job of keeping us out of there, however he has had to give in to the likes of John (the traitor)McCain. Who seems to have forgotten that we lost the Vietnam war which he is still fighting. Now to satisfy his traitor self Mr Obama has let the CIA train so called moderate Islamic forces to which there is none. Having dragged Turkey kicking and screaming into the situation and having just had several hundred people killed at a peace rally, they have Mr McCain to thank for that. Last nite they just pulled the aircraft carrier Teddy Roosevelt out of the Persian Gulf which probably has more to do with the Iran Nuclear Treaty than anything to do with maintenance. When are we going to learn a lesson which everybody says that the Middle East conflict is so complicated nobody can figure it out. That's Just Wrong! America needs to develop it\'s own Middle East strategy instead of Israel dictating what we can or cannot do according to their best interest. When are we going to handle the Middle East situation according to America\'s best interest? We went into Iraq '90-'91 basically to shore up Kuwait's interest and take it back away from Saddam as the 19th Provence of Iraq. Having done that it was Israel's insistence that we invade in 2003 based on Israel's interest that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Not finding any that resembled nuclear weapons Israel is still not satisfied. On the subject of Pope Francis it is fascinating to me that everybody reads into what he said what they want to read. The gays think he's for gay marriage and that's just wrong. In fact he just fired a homosexual priest that was practicing at the time. On the subject of Mr Carson he's absolutely right when he speaks of Jews marched to the gas chamber because they did not have any weapons. To keep it on the down and low. Mr Sanders I see you are now using my phrase that I invented 15 years ago which is I am not a socialist, communist, or capitalist I am a realist - Mr sanders give credit where credit is due. Ms Hillary Clinton I am sure wasn't married to Billy Boy you would now be trying too engage marriage with Mr Kevin McCarthy. For delivering the golden parachute that proves you were right about the right. Thank you sir!
    2015-10-11 18:51:48
  • B. I. L.
    Very well put sir. I would have to say I agree with what you have to say.
    2015-10-15 21:33:48
    • The Ancient Speaker
      Thank you, please stop by with more thoughts/questions qnytime.
      2020-04-27 12:32:45
  • Tanya Robinson~Fullmer
    Hello,DoN!!!!Its Tanya !!!U met Me @5th Avenue Pub on Saturday evening.I thought U were jiving Me when U gave Me this website.I apologize,I was wrong.Please e~mail Me @ savedsinner31@yahoo.com or give Me a call @702.408.8491.Id LOVE to hear from U,since U and I share so many of the same views!!!
    2016-01-12 13:32:08
  • Mark Hopper
    I am going to add a go back button to this site.
    2020-05-02 17:45:05
  • Mark Hopper
    Typed in from my android cell phone.
    2020-05-02 17:49:53

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